Miley Cyrus Tour Paperless Tickets To Thwart Scalpers


When Miley Cyrus hits the road this fall, she wants to be sure that her fans don’t suffer a repeat of the ticket scandal that plagued her last concert tour. Cyrus’ tour will use paperless tickets — much to the chagrin of the scalpers who infamously made so much money from her last tour.

The sold-out 2007-08 Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus Best of Both Worlds Tour grossed $55 million and sold about 1 million tickets to 70 shows — but it also left lots of pissed off parents after scalpers scooped up the tickets and resold them online at huge markups.

As a result, Miley’s next tour will make history as the first arena-level tour to use paperless ticketing in an attempt to thwart resellers. Those who purchase the tickets must be on hand with their credit card to gain admission.

“The focus was, ‘How do we take all the information we gathered last time out and do a better job of it?'” says Jason Morey, Miley’s manager and president of Morey Management Group, an affiliate of Ticketmaster Entertainment’s Front Line Management. “It was important to us to address the issue of demand. We thought that of every single option that was available out there, this was a really viable option, to go with the paperless ticketing.”

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