Miley Cyrus Song-Stealing: Miley Cyrus “Rockstar” Lustra “Scotty Doesn’t Know”

Public image problems just went from bad to worse for Miley Cyrus. The fifteen year old Hannah Montana icon is being accused of copyright infringement. Miley allegedly swiped her song “Rockstar” from Lustra, a rock band who recorded the single “Scotty Doesn’t Know” for the 2004 Eurotrip Original Soundtrack. “If Hannah Montana wants us now, who is next? The Jonas Brothers?” Chris Baird of Lustra says.

As of Thursday, Miley’s label, Hollywood Records, has not commented on the copyright infringement accusation.

We’ll let you be the judge. Here are samples of Miley’s “Rockstar” and Lustra’s “Scotty” track. Do you hear any similarities?

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