Miley Cyrus Scientology Recruit: John Travolta Targets Miley Cyrus For Scientology Recruiting


The Scientologists want Miley’s soul! Scientology bigwigs have ordered actor John Travolta to turn the teen, and her almost billion dollar fortune, onto the controversial church started by L. Ron Hubbard.

Miley, who attends regularly attends worship services at the Montrose Church in California’s San Fernando Valley, is presently working with the Saturday Night Fever star on Disney’s new animated film Bolt. The unlikely pals have even considered recording a track together.

The fifteen year old has become a sought after commodity for Scientology, and her pal John is the most likely person to do the recruiting, a new Star Magazine scoop claims.

“She’s huge-so young and influential-that her becoming a member would be the biggest thing to happen to the church since Tom Cruise joined.”


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