Miley Cyrus “Ruining” Parents’ Marriage

Miley Cyrus’ wildly-successful acting/singing career is being blamed for a breakdown in her parents’ marriages.

Miley’s mother Tish and younger siblings are allegedly tired of the singer “stealing” attention from family patriarch Billy Ray, who spends much of his time traveling with the 16-year-old superstar and taping episodes of her hit Disney series Hannah Montana.


“Tish is tired of Billy Ray not being at home,” a tattling tipster close to the family reveals in the Sept. 14 issue of The National Examiner. “All summer, while the kids were out of school, Billy Ray wasn’t around. It was supposed to be family time, but Billy Ray was too busy with Miley,” the insider says. “The kids missed him, too. They complain, ‘It’s Miley, Miley, Miley, all the time. What about us?’ They feel like they don’t even exist in their father and sister’s world.”

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