Miley Cyrus Justin Bieber/Lindsay Lohan/Fergie Spoofs Dominate “Saturday Night Live” Hosting Debut

Another big moment from Miley Cyrus’ weekend debut on Saturday Night Live: The Milester as The Biebster!

The scandal-prone Hannah Montana actress met Vanessa Bayer, the SNL comic who parodies her in the ever-popular Miley Cyrus Show sketches, while lampooning a bevy of big names stars herself.

Cyrus hosted the NBC sketch comedy classic this weekend, paving the way for an inevitable face-off between the 18-year-old singer and Bayer. Interestingly enought, Cyrus shared the screen with Bayer in Saturday’s installment of The Miley Cyrus Show, playing, not as herself, but 17-year-old teen heartthrob Justin Bieber.

Ummm…we’ve got a feeling Beliebers will not be pleased!

In the sketch, Cyrus played Bieber as a too cool for school pop tart who refused to use Bayer’s uber-enthusiastic catchphrase: “Pretty Cool.”

In other sketches, Cyrus spoofed Black Eyed Peas star Fergie and troubled actress Lindsay Lohan. Her Lohan impersonation occurred during a sketch with a Charlie Sheen doppleganger sitting in as the host of a fictional TV show called Duh! Winning! — which featured Lohan, Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, and fashion designer John Galliano, all of whom have dominated headlines in recent weeks, as guests.

And here’s a little added bonus:

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