Miley Cyrus Mistaken For 40-Year-Old Woman


Miley Cyrus was left shamefaced after a saleswoman mistook the teenager for a middle-aged mother and tried to sell her anti-wrinkle cream.

The 16-year-old Hannah Montana was out with her 8-year-old sister, Noah, when the trouble started.

“I had this lady walk up to me and try to sell me wrinkle cream,” Miley explains. “I wasn’t offended until she started to say that I looked good for my age. She thought I was 40. I was with a bodyguard, who she thought was my husband, and my little sister, who she thought was my daughter!”

Miley tells The Sun, “She called out ‘Oh you look just like your mummy.'”

‘I had to set her straight: “Ok lady, that is NOT my husband, that is NOT my child and I am NOT 40, I’m 16.'”

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