Miley Cyrus M Magazine Interview: ‘Sometimes I Don’t Go Because I Don’t Feel Pretty’

Fifteen year old Hannah Montana starlet, Miley Cyrus has revealed to M Magazine that she sometimes she is too upset to leave home because she is upset with her appearance.

Miley said:

“I’m having a hard time knowing who I am. Sometimes when I’m getting ready to go out. I’ll keep looking at myself in the mirror and picking out things I don’t like about myself. I’ll just sit around the house and tell my mom that I seriously don’t want to go out because I just don’t feel pretty. After I end up staying home a bunch of nights because my confidence was so low, I realized that I was missing out on a ton of really awesome events. I wish I could learn that even if I don’t feel beautiful all the time, I’m not going to be able to change what I look like before it’s time to go to the mall with my friends or before the date I’m about to go on in ten minutes.”

Oh Miley! If you need inspiration to go outside looking less this than your best, just look at Britney Spears. She’s a H.A.M 24/7 and it never stops her from going to Starbucks.

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