Miley Cyrus Learner’s Permit: Miley Cyrus Driving Photos

Miley’s got a license to drive, everybody beware!

Golden Globe-nominated actress Miley Cyrus got her learner’s permit on Wednesday.

If she’s as bad at driving as she is at tucking her questionable photos away for safekeeping, we’re in trouble.

And wouldn’t you know, the little princess didn’t get the whip she was hoping for.

“I took my mom’s old car. I didn’t get the one I wanted, but I got the old car, which wasn’t so bad because it was Porsche…. it was a pretty good hand me down.”

In other Miley news, the 16-year-old has snagged a Globe nomination for Best Original Song for “I Thought I Lost You,” the theme song from her movie Bolt.

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