Miley Cyrus goes country, Twerks with Madonna on MTV ‘Unplugged’ Special


Well…she came in like a Wrecking Ball…..

Miley Cyrus says that she’s out to remind everyone that she can actually sing. In her latest moment of glory, Miley is stripping down some of her songs for an episode of MYVs Unplugged. Cyrus designed the set of wagon wheels and bales of hay and added a dancing horse to her seven-piece band…and yes there was twerking involved.

Miley told Billboard, “In 2013, MTV changed the M to stand for Miley. They’ve been a huge supporter of mine, allowing me to push boundaries and find new ways to connect with my fans.”

The hour long special debuted last night, which also featured duets with the Material Girl herself, Madonna.

Photo Credit: MTV

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