Miley Cyrus Gay Marriage Support


The gays have Miley’s blessing. Miley Cyrus has thrown her support behind the affirmative front in the recently reignited debate over same sex marriage.

The often controversial star of Disney’s Hannah Montana insists Jesus loves everyone – both gay and straight.

After blasting Miss California Carrie Prejean for her anti-gay marriage stance at the Miss USA pageant over the weekend, blogger Perez Hilton spent much of his Tuesday reaching out (or bullying, depending on who you ask) top celebrities via Twitter.

The self-proclaimed “Queen of All Media,” who served as a judge for this year’s beauty contest, says he was “floored” when he asked Miss California for her thoughts on same sex marriage only to learn that the San Diego-born stunner believes marriage should only be allowed between a man and a woman.

Responding to him via her account Tuesday afternoon, Miley wrote, “Jesus loves you AND your partner and wants you to know how much he cares! thats like a daddy not loving his lil boy cuz hes gay and that is WRONG and very sad! like i said everyone deserves to be happy (sic).”

Miley: “i am a christian and i love you – gay or not. BECAUSE you are no different that anyone else! we are all gods children!”

Perez: “You have millions and millions of gay and lesbian teen fans, and I am sure they THANK YOU. As do I!”

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