Miley Cyrus: “Don’t Look At Me As An Idol”


Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus is fine with being a teen role model, but the teen refuses to be taken for an idol. Miley, who has been blasted in the media for a number of controversial photos and her relationship with a 20-year-old model, believes it is unfair for parents to look to her to raise their kids.

“If you look at me as a role model I agree with it, but if you look at me as an idol, I don’t,” the 16-year-old star of Disney’s Hannah Montana says in the May issue of Glamour.

“An idol for me is someone you want to replicate, you want to be them and I don’t wish that on anyone to lose what they have personally.”

“What I think people like about me is that I don’t try to change, I haven’t let what I do for a living become my life and completely affect me,” the teen explains. “What I do in my personal life isn’t necessarily meant to be reported but that doesn’t mean it’s not going to be. “

Miley adds, “I’m going to make mistakes and I wouldn’t trade that for anything because I always say the minute you stop making mistakes is the minute you stop learning….I never want to disappoint people and my decisions sometimes not only disappoint other people, but disappoint myself as well. If I don’t then, all of a sudden I am not real and then you really can’t look up to me.”

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