Miley Cyrus Divorce From Parents: Miley Cyrus Emancipation


Will Miley Cyrus celebrate her Sweet 16 with a divorce from her parents?

The Hannah Montana star is reportedly in discussions with her attorney about filing a Petition of Emancipation form after repeatedly butting heads with the parentals, Billy Ray and Tish, over her May-December romance with 20-year-old underwear model Justin Gaston.

Miley is looking into legal emancipation so that she can have total control over her career, finances, and decisions, a pair of scandalous tabloid scoops claim.

Star Magazine insiders say Miley’s father, country singer Billy Ray Cyrus, is beginning to have reservations about his famous daughter’s romance with Gaston.

“He also thinks Justin is a bit of a mooch and doesn’t want him taking advantage of Miley,” an unidentified source close to the Cyruses tells Star.

Miley was left in tears after her dad ordered her to stop seeing Justin during a recent confrontation.

“She’s totally crazy about him and isn’t letting him go anywhere,” the insider says of Miley’s feelings for Justin.

“Miley told her dad to back off. She is sick of him trying to hold her down, and feels she is old enough to make her own decisions.”

Britain’s Daily Mail writes:

“Although she’s only 16, she has been forced to mature much more quickly than most girls her age. She is dating a 20-year-old and is already a superstar, so she thinks it’s high time she started living like an adult. And although she loves her parents, she no longer wants to be treated like a child.”


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