Miley Cyrus Nirvana “Smells Like A Teen Spirit” Cover LIVE In Concert [VIDEO]

Well here’s one The Psychic Friends Network couldn’t have predicted: “Miley Cyrus covers ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit….'” Disney baddie Miley Cyrus has always been fond of crediting Grunge God Kurt Cobain and his trailblazing Seattle band, Nirvana, with inspiring her to lift her voice (which sounds suspiciously like that of a 55-year-old chain smoker…) and sing.

We’re still trying to decide whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

In tribute to the tragic rocker himself, Miley performed a cover of Nirvana’s breakout hit, “Smells Like Teen Spirit” during a concert in Quito, Ecuador over the weekend. The uptempo testimony to teen angst hit the charts after its release in 1991, but “Teen Spirit” became a certified grunge classic after a drug-addled Cobain took his own life with a single shotgun blast three years later.

If YouTube ratings are any indication, Miley’s “Spirit” smells like anything but roses! At press time, video footage of the singing star’s Nirvana cover had amassed 235 Likes and an embarrassing 1,739 Dislikes from the community of viewers on the Net’s leading video sharing website.

What say you? How’d Miley do? Need a point of reference? Take a peek at the original:

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