Miley Cyrus Car Monitoring Device Tracks Roadway Behavior & Whereabouts


After reading a study that suggests teenage drivers are more responsible on the roadways when they believe Mom & Dad might be watching, Billy Ray Cyrus has decided to install a monitoring device in his famous daughter’s Toyota Prius.

It’s the newest craze for parents looking for additional ways to keep tabs on their teen terrors.

Much to 16-year-old Miley Cyrus’ chagrin, Daddy wants to have her environmentally-friendly whip equipped with a machine that will record how fast she drives, whether or not she tailgates other drivers, and gives off alerts if she fails to fasten her safety belt, The National Enquirer claims. The monitoring device can even pinpoint her exact whereabouts — minute by minute.

“It’s not because we don’t trust you. It’s more because we really care about you,” Billy Ray told the teen.

(Yeah, right!)

“No way!” Miley screamed after her father explained his new plans for roadside safety to the Disney star. Mils has vowed to take her Toyota in for a “bugging inspection” to ensure that Billy Ray has not installed his Big Brother-esque gizmo without her knowledge.

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