Miley Cyrus’ Boyfriend Liam Hemsworth Moves Into Family Residence

Rumor: Miley Cyrus has a new roomie — her 19-year-old boyfriend, Liam Hemsworth! Word on The Gossip Wire claims Billy Ray and Tish Cyrus have allowed the Australian actor romantically-linked to their famous teen daughter to move into the family’s home in Toluca Lake, California.

(Since this is an National Enquirer scoop, I’d advise you to consider the source and take this with a grain of salt. However, given The Cyrus’ track record for letting this girl get away with murder, it really isn’t that hard to believe. Movin’ on….)

The permissive showbiz parents were “pressured” into the controversial living arrangement after Miley, now 17, threw a tantrum and threatened to move out if she didn’t get her way, tattling tipsters divulge in the Jan. 18 issue of The National Enquirer. To keep Miley at home, Billy Ray and Tish have allegedly agreed to allow Liam move into the family guest room until he finds his own pad in Los Angeles.

“In the end, Billy Ray and Miley’s mom, Tish, decided they’d rather have Miley under their roof with Liam than not knowing where she is at night,” a family friend tells the tabloid. “Her parents want Miley with them for as long as possible.”

This isn’t the first time The Cyrus Clan has raised eyebrows with their parental approaches. There was “ShoulderGate 2008” that swept the country after Miley appeared covered with just a sheet in the November 2008 issue of Vanity Fair. And then there was that time that America’s Most Famous Teen was allowed to date an underwear model five years her senior. A source close to the family says there’s good reason for that:

“Billy Ray believes it’s better to keep Miley on a short leash and to monitor her, rather than alienating her and risking a rebellion….”

Television’s Hannah Montana began dating Liam last summer, when the lanky young man played Miley’s interest in the coming-of-age drama The Last Song. The Disney superstar was instantly smitten. So was Liam, he allegedly dumped his then-girlfriend to take up with Miley.

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