Miley Cyrus Apologizes For Dissing Robert Pattinson

Miley Cyrus has issued a public apology to Robert Pattinson after razing the Twilight heartthrob and his devoted fanbase in an interview with Teen Vogue earlier this year.

“I’m not a huge Rob Pattinson fan. Girls aren’t really in love with Rob; they’re in love with [his Twilight character] Edward,” the Disney Pole Dancer retorted to boos and hisses in the interview last May.

Oddly enough, Miley has changed her tune after coming face to face with the hottest thing to come out of Britain since The Beatles during Sunday night’s 2009 Teen Choice Awards.

“Gave a hug to Rob Pattinson today. Ok girls, I get it now. So cute. Sorry ‘Robby’ bout all my bashing in my past,” she Tweeted after the ceremony.

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