Miley Cyrus And Patrick Schwarzenegger Are Still Dating

Miley Cyrus and Patrick Schwarzenegger’s relationship is somewhat new, but there were rumors making the rounds that they were going to be married one day. Reportedly, that was the goal for the young duo, who had already been discussing marriage like it was definitely in their future.

During Spring Break, we were kind of wondering if Patrick threw a monkey wrench into their future plans. Apparently he couldn’t keep one girl off of him and he couldn’t keep his mouth off of her body. He was photographed doing body shots off of her and later it was revealed that he was spending time with his ex-girlfriend while down in Mexico.

Patrick Schwarzenegger denied cheating on Miley Cyrus by taking to his Twitter account to say that he would never do anything to damage his relationship with the singer. He tweeted, “Would NEVER do anything against my GF…..”

It’s seriously odd to wonder how he has retained his relationship with Miley Cyrus following all of these shenanigans, but alas, they are still romantically intertwined. Is she a doormat, very understanding or does she buy into his “it’s all innocent” story??

According to a new report from Entertainment Tonight, the couple were out on Monday night at Kiwami in Studio City, California enjoying some sushi.

Miley and Patrick spent a romantic evening kissing, holding hands and laughing together at their corner table on the restaurant’s private patio. Patrick dined on a California roll, and they snapped photos together and even said hi to friends at one point.

Does anyone understand why Miley would tolerate such behavior from her boyfriend, regardless of whether or not it’s Spring Break? Seriously, she is smart and talented – she could get anyone she wants, but she wants a guy that will do body shots off of other girls while away on vacation?

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