Miguel Nearly Decapitates Fan in Billboard Stage-Dive Disaster

Ouch! Miguel is known for putting on one hell of a show, but one unlucky fan got a bit too up close and personal with the R&B singer when he jumped into the audience and accidentally landed on her neck during Sunday night’s Billboard Music Awards.

During a performance of his hit song “Adorn,” Miguel tried to jump from one platform to another, but instead ended up landing on a female audience member’s head, pushing her skull into the platform and locking it with his knees.

Oh dear…

But the show must go on and he continued with his crowd-pleasing performance without missing a beat. That’s right: Miguel kept right on singing during the live telecast, but moments later he was seen consoling the brunette who was being treated with an ice pack. The crooner even brought the injured woman onto the Billboard live-stream later in the evening and she appeared to be OK.

And like a good gentleman, Miguel tweeted a mea culpa for the stage-dive disaster, writing:

“Got caught up in the moment, thank goodness Khyati is okay.”

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