Microsoft Is About To Give Us The Middle Finger And It’s About Damn Time

Middle Finger Emoji and Windows 10
Microsoft is giving its customers the middle finger with the release of Windows 10 and that’s actually a good thing.

A new report has revealed that the tech giant has added support for the middle finger emoji in the next release of its popular operating system. Windows 10 focuses on phones and personal computers, which means the middle finger emoji could quickly find itself with plenty of support.

The middle finger emoji is approved by the Unicode Consortium, which dictates the official language of emoji. The consortium added “reversed hand with middle finger extended” in the middle of last year.

Apple earlier this year added updates to the iOS emoji platform, including colored people. However, the company shied away from the middle finger option. The Microsoft middle finger emoji will feature various skin tones with a default grey option.

Middle Finger Emoji by Microsoft

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