Mrs. Obama Does Some Thursday Afternoon Shopping At Target

Attention, Target Shoppers…

Sign ‘o the times?

You know the American economy is in the crapper when even the First Family is buying their dog food at Target.

What, no gourmet treats for Bo?!

Yep, First Lady Michelle Obama did her best “Incognito. See, I’m Just Like You?” impersonation as stepped out in casual clothes for a little afternoon shopping at a Target location (also known as “Tarjay” in some circles….) in Alexandria, Virginia on Thursday. The Secret Service arrived at the store 30 minutes ahead of the First Lady — You know, just to check things out. Mrs. O then entered the store, accompanied by an assistant, and purused the aisles for a few bare essentials for approximately 40 minutes before heading back across the 14th St. Bridge toward The White House.

She was only recognized after she entered a check out aisle.

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