Michelle Duggar Hospitalized With Gallstone

Reality mom Michelle Duggar was hospitalized in Arkansas over the weekend due to a “gallbladder problem.” The star of TLC’s 18 And Counting…. is expecting her 19th child with husband Jim Bob this spring.


“This weekend, Michelle Duggar was admitted to an Arkansas hospital due to gallbladder issues,” a rep for the network said in a press release Monday.

Although Michelle remains hospitalized, the TLC spokesperson assures fans that both mom and baby are doing fine.

“The pain from a gallstone was generating some contractions. Just to be safe, she was airlifted a Little Rock, Ark., hospital, so that in the unlikely event that she had to be delivered early, she would be close to a NICU center. Though there were some fears that the baby was in trouble initially, it soon was discovered to be solely the gallstone causing the discomfort. Michelle is resting comfortably, and the baby is doing fine.”

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