Michelle “Bombshell” McGee Dated Pink’s Husband Carey Hart

Jesse James isn’t the only married celebrity biker romantically-linked to tattooed temptress Michelle “Bombshell” McGee.

The woman who ignited a tabloid frenzy when she confessed to an 11-month sexual affair with the husband of Oscar winner Sandra Bullock last month, also had a fling with the spouse of another noted celebrity: Carey Hart, the motorcross racer wed to pop-rock queen Pink.

In an interview with RadarOnline.com published Saturday, the homewrecker’s ex-husband Shane Modica spilled the beans on the deets of Michelle’s affair with Hart.

Modica — who is seeking custody of his son with Bombshell — blabs that his ex had sex with Carey several times shortly after meeting him at the ASR (Action Sports Retailer) convention in San Diego in September 2008. At the time, Carey was separated from Pink, who he reconciled with in 2009.

“I knew about her fling with Carey Hart, Michelle told me that she had slept with him. She flew out to Las Vegas to see him but she was upset that they never got to spend as much time together as she expected too.”

Shane also claims Carey visited Michelle at a San Diego strip club to watch her perform, but the fling quickly fizzled out after a few hookups at a private home Carey was renting

“This was before her time with Jesse James. It is so typical of Michelle because she always goes for the guy who she thinks… can help her out.”

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