Michael Vick Threatened Business Partner, Police Report Claims

Michael Vick and Police Report for Threatening business partner

It looks like Michael Vick may be settling back into his old and illegal ways. This time the NFL star has been hit with a police report for allegedly threatening his former WaveMasterz business partner Tony “Bachelor” Fortune.

The WaveMasterz business line was announced in late 2013 and it appeared to be going well. However, TMZ Sports has reported that in December 2014 and January 2015, Vick threatened his business partner.

The report suggests that police are not likely to charge Michael Vick with anything, and his own representatives have sais the allegations are “absolutely false.” Vick’s business partner in the meantime says the NFL player has “no place in society.”

WaveMasterz products are still on sale and there is no sign of a dissolution in services between the men.

If the police report is true, at least Michael Vick has moved on from threatening dogs and is now focused on people. In the meantime, it’s hard to believe anything Vick says in defense of his actions given his past.

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