Michael Phelps Reality Show Produced By Ashton Kutcher Demi Moore

Enterprising power couple Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore were so impressed with Olympic hero Michael Phelp’s superhuman performance at last summer’s Beijing Games the May-December lovers want to produce a reality show starring the champion swimmer.

Demi and Ashton were spotted treating Michael to drinks at Hollywood’s Chateau Marmont late last month.

“It was all part of Demi and Ashton’s effort to get Michael to sign with them for a reality show.”

The proposed unscripted program will feature the 23-year-old Baltimore native as he goes about his daily life as a freshly-minted sports icon, The National Enquirer reports.

“Demi was in business mode and making sure Michael knew she was serious about working with him…Ashton sees a Phelps reality show as a breakout hit.”

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