Michael Lohan on “Judge Alex” This Friday

Check your local listings, ‘Crunchers: Father of the Year Michael Lohan is set to appear on the courtroom reality series Judge Alex this Friday, Nov. 2. The man partially responsible for unleashing Lindsay Lohan on the unassuming public is being sued by a promoter for failing to fight in a celebrity boxing match.

Lohan has been slapped with a breach of contract suit from Celebrity Boxing Federation promoter Damon Feldman. Feldman claims Lohan owes him $5,000 for failing to show up at several boxing appearances in Florida and California in 2009.

“I had to go on there,” Feldman explained his decision to go on the court show, which was filmed in September. “It was the only chance I had of getting back my money.”

Michael is set to appear on the show alongside his pregnant girlfriend/witness, former tabloid reporter Kate Major. In a new promotional clip released on Wednesday, Lohan, 52, argues:

“Actually I didn’t intend on being here but I was brought here by Damon Feldman, he is suing me for giving me advances for boxing matches I did and not being able to appear because on one occasion I just had a colon operation and I wasn’t able to fight and the other one was I actually got arrested.”

It’s true — Michael was collared by cops in Tampa after he allegedly stalked and battered Kate in two separate incidents in 2011.

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