Michael Lohan Kate Major, Jon Gosselin’s Ex, Engaged

Lindsay Lohan’s father is going to be walking down the aisle with a woman almost a quarter century his junior and only a few years older than the famous daughter he’s desperately trying to “save:” the former flame of his ex-best friend reality dad Jon Gosselin.

Michael Lohan, 50, and ousted Star Magazine reporter Kate Major, 27, have announced their engagement and the couple is estatic about the marriage plans.

“I’ve never met anyone who’s been there for me like Kate. She’s always been there for me. The one thing about Kate is that she doesn’t come with baggage,” Michael exclaimed.

“Michael went down with me to Florida for Easter, to meet my father to ask for his permission, and my father gave his blessing,” says Major, the plain blonde who made headlines in 2009 after she fell in love with the then-married Gosselin while covering him for a story.

That’s all behind her now — Kate says’s she’s committed to building a life with the ex-con and father of four.

“I’m very happy. Michael and I have known each other for four years, and it’s meant to be…”

That’s nice, Toots, but you may still want to watch your back…or at least invest in a trusty bottle of Mace: Michael’s last fiancee, another Long Island twentysomething named Erin Mueller, accused Michael of vicious verbal abuse and alleged that he once kicked her in the vagina.

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