Michael Lohan Twitter

Michael Lohan has joined Twitter in a bid to fight internet fakes posing as the press-friendly father of Lindsay Lohan.

Lohan, whose strained relationship with the Mean Girls actres is regularly played out in the press, insists he’s fed up with impostors pretending to be him online. Just last month, one imposter posted cryptic messages alleging he was suicidal.

Michael created his first account on Sunday after his lawyer suggested joining the Planet’s hottest social network site to tackle online hoaxers. Michael says intends to identify his Twitter imposters and take legal action against them.

“This is the Real Michael Lohan – all others who pretend to be me are frauds. Upon my attorney’s advice, I have opened this account,” the Born-Again Christian — an accused stalker — wrote in his first Tweet.

Michael tried reaching out to his eldest daughter — to no avail: @LindsayLohan Hi Honey-THis is my real twitter now, it’s Dad. Love you…..

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