Michael Kors: “Kate Middleton’s Got Obama Style”

Project Runway fashionisto Michael Kors sees traces of American grace in soon-to-be British royal Kate Middleton.

The designer is a huge fan of the future princess — who is set to wed Prince William in April — and believes she shares the same impeccable taste and flawless eye for fashion as First Lady Michelle Obama.

“When Barack Obama first became well known and everyone started looking at Mrs Obama I thought to myself ‘This is a very different, modern-looking couple,'” Kors tells Vogue. “When I designed the outfit for the Michelle’s first official portrait no one thought she would wear matte jersey but she did. Past women in the same position had always worn a tailored suit. When I look at Kate I see a changing of the guard in what is considered elegant. She is likes to look easy but chic. I would liken her to Obama and Carla Bruni in that way. All these women are in situations where they shaking off the formal suits of their predecessors.”

Middleton, the daughter of self-made millionaires, is quickly emerging as a style icon in her own right. Less than 24 hours after the royal engagement was announced, the sapphire-blue Issa dress that Kate Middleton wore had sold out in London. And the Kate’s winter white Nannette dress from Reiss that Kate wore in her formal engagement portrait, released over the weekend, is from last year’s collection, but by popular demand will be reproduced and on store shelves by the end of January.

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