Lisa Miceli Challenges Michael Jordan Lawsuit Injunction

lisa miceliLisa Miceli is challenging a February injunction that forbid her from contacting Michael Jordan and is calling for a third paternity test.

Michael Jordan and his lawyers filed a lawsuit in February against Lisa Miceli, the Crawford County, Pennsylvania woman who originally accused Jordan of being the father of her son.

In the lawsuit, Michael Jordan requested and eventually received an injunction against Micelli for what he refers to as “hundreds” of “violent and threatening” phone calls and e-mail messages. The injunction was granted against all contact from Lisa Miceli.

Since 2005, Michael Jordan has taken two DNA paternity tests that conclusively showed that he is not the father of Lisa Miceli’s child. While this doesn’t rule out the possibility that she was his mistress, Jordan is refusing to settle the case because, he quite clearly does not have paternal responsibility. Lisa Miceli is asking a judge to overrule the injunction and require a 3rd paternity test.

Can you say gold digger?

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