Michael Jackson Son Omer Bhatti To Star In Jackson Biopic

Michael Jackson’s alleged lovechild will reportedly play the King of Pop in proposed biopic inspired by his life.

Omer Bhatti, who Jackson Family patriarch Joe Jackson claims is the singer’s firstborn son, will recreate his father’s rise to fame on the big screen, if reports from British tabloid The Sun are to be believed.
“The family is close to Omer, as Michael was. He is a fantastic performer and they would like him to play the adult Michael,” The Sun quoted a family friend as saying. “Michael’s story from childhood to the height of success is nothing short of astounding. It needs to be told and that’s what his family want.”

Omer, who has worked as a Jackson impersonator and currently resides at the family’s multimillion compound in Encino, California, will reportedly star in the film that would focus on the Thriller legend during the height of his superstardom in his 20s — before the child abuse controversy that ruined his career in 1993.

“The family feel fans would love to see a dramatic retelling. They want to cover his childhood and family life but focus on when his career went into overdrive.”

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