Michael Jackson Hologram Gets Judge’s OK Just in Time for Billboard Music Awards

The Billboard Music Awards will air live from Las Vegas this Sunday night and one of the highlights of the evening is expected to be a special tribute to Pop King Michael Jackson — featuring a 3D hologram crafted in the deceased singer’s likeness.

The company behind the technology just lost a last ditch effort to stop tonight’s MJ presentation. Attorneys for Hologram USA Inc. and Musion Das Hologram Ltd. (the company behind a trendsetting Tupac hologram) filed an emergency lawsuit Thursday, in a bid to block Billboard producers from presenting its hologram. The companies believe their patented technology is being used without authorization.

On Friday, however, a judge ruled that the Jackson’s Billboard tribute can proceed as planned. Hologram and all.

The use of computer graphics to resurrect (for lack of a better word) late entertainers has been all the rage since Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg took the Coachella stage with a Tupac hologram in 2012. A hologram of NWA rapper Eazy E was a selling point at last year’s Rock the Bells tour. There was even talk of creating an Amy Winehouse hologram.

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