Michael Jackson Girlfriend


Michael Jackson had a secret longterm girlfriend at the time of his death, the pop superstar’s former British bodyguard has revealed.

MJ died one week ago after suffering a suspected cardaic arrest.

Matt Fiddes said Jackson had “someone special” in his life but chose to keep the relationship under wraps. Fiddes, 30, said he became a confidant of Jackson’s after first meeting him about ten years ago through mutual friend Uri Geller.

“I’m not going to name who she is but I think the family were aware that there was someone special in his life who he loved and adored and had his ups and downs with,” he told Sky News.

The woman is not a celebrity, but was known to Jackson’s family, Fiddes said.

“For some time I think she’s been present in his life. If she ever wants to speak out it’s up to her.”

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