Michael Jackson Ghost Visits Family, La Toya Claims

Sounds like someone’s had one too many sips of the Jesus Juice….La Toya Jackson claims the ghost of the late King of Pop has been visiting his family dressed in the white pearl beads he wore in his coffin.


In an interview with Woman’s Day over the weekend, the 53-year-old former Playboy centerfold revealed that the “Thriller” star has appeared on The Jackson Family Compound “in the curtains” while the lights were out. La Toya has also claimed that her famous brother’s ghost has flicked the lights on in his house to let her know he’s there.

“His eyes were open and he appeared peaceful. I turned the lights on and asked, ‘Michael, do you wish to go to the other side?'” La Toya revealed.

The singer claims that her manager Jeffre Phillips and sister Janet have also seen Michael’s spirit, but her mother Katherine, a strict Jehovah’s Witness, has refused to accept that her son’s ghost walks the earth.

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