Michael Jackson Doctor Conrad Murray Documentary

Dr. Conrad Murray, the doctor under investigation for the murder of Michael Jackson, has struck a deal with a television production company that will air a TV documentary on the life since the death of the King of Pop.

Dr. Murray is suspected of administering an overdose of Propofol to the “Billie Jean” singer, leading to Jackson’s death in Los Angeles last June. A film crew followed the heavily-accented Islander and captured patient reactions as Murray adapted to his first day back at his Houston practice on Nov. 23. Don’t get too excited — Dr. Murray is reportedly refusing to allow the company to air the documentary until the Michael Jackson manslaughter investigation is complete, which could take “a couple of years” says one insider.

“It’s not a project,” Dr. Murray’s rep tells ET. “A British documentary crew from a production company asked to follow him around on his first day back. Dr. Murray liked the idea and agreed to do it as long as the footage wasn’t broadcast until after all the legal proceedings were complete. That could take years.”

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