Michael Jackson Christian Audigier Clothing Line Was In The Works



Michael Jackson “dreamed” of starting a clothing line, according to Von Dutch designer Christian Audigier.

The 50-year-old pop legend was in the process of designing a collection with French fashion guru Christian Audigier when he passed away after suffering a suspected cardiac arrest last Thursday, June 25.

“I was working on merchandising with him and launching a new line of clothes, which was actually Michael’s dream,” Christian explained to BANG Showbiz on Wednesday.

Audigier is well known for his Ed Hardy collection and was planning to bring some of his style to a line developed in cooperation with the King of Pop.

“A month-and-a-half ago I had a dinner at his house and he was in perfect shape and was really happy and excited to be coming to London and what has happened since then has been very sad,” Audigier continued.

“It was based on various types of merchandising on different products, also accessories. What he wanted from me was the T-shirts and the hoodies and the caps. And it was very kind of royalist – kind of a mix of the real Michael Jackson and his alter-ego as the King of Pop.”


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