Michael Jackson Burned Hair Auctioned By Pepsi Commercial Producer

Michael Jackson’s burned hair is for sale.

The King of Pop’s mane was famously burned in a pyrotechnics accident during the filming of a Pepsi commercial in 1984. He was left with with second degree burns. Shreds salvaged from the superstar’s scorched scalp are set to be sold at an auction in London later this week.

The locks were scoped up by the commercial’s executive producer, Ralph Cohen, who helped rescue the star by extinguishing the blaze with his coat.

“Michael on his cue, was supposed to come down the stairs the explosion went off and the first thing I noticed was – he was about half way down the stairs – and I noticed flame emanating from his hair,” he explains, recalling the famous fire.

“And it took me a moment to register what exactly was happening because there was so much lights and so many different things go on, it was a little confusing but I noticed his hair was on fire and I immediately rushed out from my position. I pulled my jacket off as I was running and proceeded to, when I reached him, put it over his head…”

The twelve strands of hair are valued at $1,600 and will be auctioned off at the Edwardian Radisson Hotel in London on Oct. 17.

“This memorabilia has doubled in price since Michael Jackson died,” says Richard Davie, who will host the auction. “The hair was collected by Ralph Cohen who worked on the Pepsi advert when Jackson’s hair caught fire. The strands are clearly burned and were picked up after the incident that left Jackson with second degree burns,” he added.

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