Michael Douglas Seduced At 16 By Mom’s Pals

Being a Child of Hollywood has its perks — for instance, sometimes you get your real-life Mrs. Robinson. Michael Douglas is a quarter century older than his Welsh-born wife Catherine Zeta-Jones, but the marriage wasn’t the distinguished gentleman’s first May-December romance.

In a interview with the upcoming May issue of Elle Magazine, Douglas, who won an Academy Award for his 1987 drama Wall Street, has revealed that he was seduced at age of 16 by two of his mother’s friends — both in their thirties at the time.

Brain Bleach!

As a matter fact, the 65-year-old — who wed actress Catherine Zeta-Jones in 2001 — credits the cougars with teaching him everything he knows about sex. Michael declined to reveal the names of the two women, as his mother Diana Dill still has no clue about the criminal encounters.

“I wouldn’t want to get any of them in trouble. Though they’re probably dead now….”

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