Michael Caine Ordered Doctors To End Father’s Life

Did British actor Michael Caine persuade a doctor — sworn to preserve life — to end his father’s?

In a radio interview with Britain’s Classic FM last week, the Batman actor, 77, confessed that he thought he was helping his father, fish market porter Maurice Micklewhite — who was terminally ill with liver cancer — when he asked a doctor to give the 56-year-old a fatal overdose to end his suffering. Although the doctor initially refused, he eventually relented and told Caine to return to the hospital later. Micklewhite, 56, died later that night.

“My father had cancer of the liver and I was in such anguish over the pain he was in, that I said to this doctor, I said ‘Isn’t there anything else you could, just give him an overdose and end this,’ because I wanted him to go and he said ‘Oh no, no, no, we couldn’t do that,'” Caine.. told Classic FM.

“Then, as I was leaving, he said ‘Come back at midnight.’ I came back at midnight and my father died at five past 12. So he’d done it,” Caine said as a matter-of-fact.

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