Meryl Streep Plays An Aging Rocker In ‘Ricki And The Flash,’ Check Out The Trailer Now [Watch]


Meryl Streep has proven that she can do just about anything and gets nominated for awards almost every time. She has attempted a musical twice with success in Mamma Mia and Into The Woods and is set to do it again with the new film Ricki And The Flash.

From the looks of the preview, we are in for yet another treat of a performance from the legendary Meryl Streep. In her third musical in the past decade, she will play Ricki, an aging rock-star as well as a mom.

She left her family behind several years ago in order to pursue her music career, but she is forced to return home when her daughter is left by her fiancee. Her daughter is played by her real-life daughter, Mamie Gummer and while some movies will focus more on the musical side, Ricki and The Flash will offer more of the familial side to the story.

Meryl Streep leads an impressive ensemble cast that also includes Kevin Kline, who plays her ex-husband, Sebastian Stan, her son, and Audra McDonald, who plays her ex-husband’s second wife. Her voice will be featured in a different type of music in this film while the family drama is what seems to be the main focus in the film.

In addition to the variety of scenes we see the family interacting and arguing with each other including Streep’s character saying “I was never a traditional mom,” we are treated to a clip of her rock band singing “Drift Away.” She is accompanied by real life rock musician Rick Springfield, who plays her bandmate and lover.

The film is destined for success behind the camera as well with it being directed by Jonathan Demme, most known for Silence of The Lambs, and writer Diablo Cody, who wrote the Oscar-nominated Juno.

Meryl Streep’s latest film Ricki and The Flash will be in theaters on August 7th. She was last seen in her Oscar-nominated role of Into The Woods.

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