Meredith Baxter Writing Memoir

Meredith Baxter, who came out as a lesbian after five kids and three failed marriages during an interview with TODAY’s Matt Lauer this month, is set to tell-all on the pages of a new memoir. Broadway Books has purchased the rights to Baxter’s lifestory, which does not yet have a title or a release date, the publisher said in a press release Wednesday.


Baxter “will present a fully realized portrait of her life as an actress, mother of five children, and grandmother, and will candidly discuss her fight with breast cancer, her 19 years of sobriety, entrepreneurship, and her decision to come out, “ The New York Times has learned.

Meredith Baxter is best known for playing Elyse Keaton on the ’80s sitcom Family Ties. The actress and director, now 62, describes herself as a “later in life lesbian,” who began dating women about seven years ago. She is currently in a four-year relationship with building contractor Nancy Locke.

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