Mel Gibson Calls Reporter Dean Richards “An Asshole” [VIDEO]

Well, this is uncomfortable: Mel Gibson lost his cool — again — during an interview with WGN entertainment reporter Dean Richards last week. The furious actor/director branded Richards an “asshole” after he was questioned about his addiction to alcohol and infamous anti-Semitic rant four years ago.

Richards was quizzing Gibson about his new film The Edge of Darkness when he asked the Braveheart actor if he was a different person since the events several years ago.

“It’s a real rollercoaster ride. You know I think I’m the same person I always was except for…..time teaches and you learn as you go,” Mel replied.

When Richards quizzed Gibson on his drinking problems and anti-Jewish rant to a police officer in 2006, a visibly annoyed Gibson answered curtly: “That’s almost four years ago dude. I’ve moved on…I guess you haven’t. I’ve done all the necessary mea culpas….um, let’s move on dude, c’mon.”

The interview continued with Mel angrily slinging back his coffee before cursing Dean as the program went off the air.

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