Oak Bar NYC Serving Up “The Mel Gibson Bipolar Cocktail”

Mad Mel’s bloodcurdling audio rants have inspired the latest alcoholic concoction sweeping the City That Never Sleeps.

Oak Bar in the Oak Room — neatly nestled away in New York’s famed Plaza Hotel — is serving up a special cocktail in honor of the Braveheart actor’s recent telephone tirades.

Introducing “The Mel Gibson Bipolar Cocktail!”

The drink is made with Van Gogh vodka, Bols gin, vermouth, two or three cocktail onions, and served on the rocks, says Patricia Richter, Marketing and Events Director for the Oak Bar. Oak Bar executive chef Eric Hara came up with the idea when he was “goofing around in the kitchen,” drawing inspiration from the fact that, like Mel, Van Gogh was known for being just a “little wacky.”

“Gibson … Bipolar … All these words flying around in the media just jumped out at me. So I made a Gibson, which is a classic cocktail, into something thoroughly twisted,” Hara explains. “It’s a guy drink, by the way. There’s nothing sweet about a Gibson.”

Oak Bar patrons can’t seem to get enough of the liquid alixir, which made its debut last Thursday. The Mel Gibson Bipolar Cocktail continues to be one of the establishment’s most popular sellers — despite its $20 price tag!

Want to make one for yourself? Here’s the recipe:

– 1 oz Van Gogh Vodka
– 1 oz. Bols V.O. Genever Gin
– ¾ oz. vermouth
– 3 oz. club soda
– Splash of cocktail onion juice


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