Meghan McCain “The View” Video: “Kiss My Fat Ass!”

Almost First Daughter Meghan McCain pulled a page from the Book of Tyra, telling the haters to “Kiss Her Fat Ass,” on the March 16 edition of The View.

The 23-year-old daughter of Arizona senator John McCain–who has spent the last week feuding with pundit Ann Coulter– got fired up when the ladies of The View asked about her reaction to a plus-sized wisecrack conservative radio host Laura Ingraham made about her size 8 frame last week.

Meghan replied: “I’m a political writer on a blog and all of a sudden I’m too fat to write? … I work out at the gym and try and eat healthy, but I’m still a size eight.” She says she recalled when Tyra Banks appeared on her talk show in a bathing suit and announced that everyone could kiss her fat ass.

“That’s what I feel like saying right now: Kiss My Fat Ass. There is no place for weight criticism in 2009.”

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