Megan Fox Tattoos Spark Feud With Mom

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Darlene Fox, the mother of Hollywood bombshell Megan Fox, is feuding with her actress daughter after objecting to Megan’s plans to yet add another tattoo to already extensive collection of body art.

Megan has eight tattoos — including an image of Marilyn Monroe on her forearm — and now she wants to cover her entire right arm with a tattoo sleeve. Darlene has begged Megan reconsider, fearing that the tats will one day prove a turn-off for filmmakers,thus jeopardizing the 23-year-old’s thriving acting career.

A tattle gushes in the June 15 issue of The National Enquirer: “She has never understood why her daughter would want to cover her gorgeous body with tattoos. After each new tattoo, Darlene pleaded with Megan not to get more. Darlene believes that when Megan is a 40-year-old woman wanting to play more mature roles, people won’t hire her because it will be too hard to cover her tattoos.”

Megan, on the other hand, disagrees. In fact, as the brunette points out, Megan Fox deadringer Angelina Jolie also sports a variety of tattoos, and Forbes Magazine recently crowned her the Most Powerful Celebrity on the Planet.

“Megan says Angie is proof a woman can have tattoos and still be successful.”

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