Megan Fox “She-Hulk” Movie


Sultry Transformers star Megan Fox is being lined up to play She-Hulk.

Celebrity tattles with Xpress4Me have learned that the 22-year-old actress is a favorite to portray the giant green femme superheroin the big screen adaptation of the popular comic book series about The Incredible Hulk’s cousin.

“‘She-Hulk’ comics are popular so it’s only natural that the character makes the transition to the big screen.”

Megan in is discussions to play Jennifer Walters, a sexy lawyer who dramatically transforms into a powerful monster when she is angry.

“The idea is to make She-Hulk sexier but even more savage than the Hulk, which is why Megan is the big favorite for the lead,” inside sources revealed Wednesday. “She’ll be green of course and will have to hang on to a few more pieces of clothes than the male version when she transforms!”

But Megan’s She-Hulk casting could spill trouble for Nicolas Cage, who has been closely involved with the production of the movie, recently admitted he wants his Ghost Rider co-star Eva Mendes to take over the role.

“I’m working on ‘She-Hulk’ and I’d like to see Eva play her. It would be her in a bikini just kicking a lot of ass, throwing cars. I’m trying to put that together as we speak.”

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