Megan Fox Sex Tape Proposition

A fan landed himself in hot water at the annual Comic-Con in San Diego over the weekend after he asked Hollywood actress Megan Fox if she would be interested in making a sex tape with him.

The man made the strange request during a Q&A round for the brunette’s upcoming film Jonah Hex, which co-stars actor Josh Brolin.

“My question is for Megan, I have a Sony HVR (video camera). It’s not a true HD, but it gives a pretty good image,” he started.

He said: “Anyway, my question is: I just graduated film school and I’m trying to help my career. I was wondering if you’d be interested in some kind of, like, celebrity sex tape?”

The man was immediately snatched by a pair of burly security guards and taken to an undisclosed location.

“Dude, I can’t wait to see what you look like in 30 minutes,” Brolin, who was present at the event, said to the man as he was dragged away.

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