Megan Fox Killed Off In Next “Transformers” Movie?

Will Megan Fox’s mega mouth get her ousted from the film franchise that made her an international sex symbol?


Semi-Spoilers After The Jump!

The bubbleheaded bombshell’s recent comments blasting Transformers director Michael Bay as tough to work for than “Hitler” — coupled with a scornful letter penned by members of the film’s crew, which slam Meg as an ungrateful brat — could cost the outspoken brunette her job in the upcoming third installment.

Movie industry insiders tell In Touch Weekly, Michael is considering writing Megan out of the series in a gory death scene in the first few frames of Transformers 3 and replacing with another gorgeous young actress.

“Michael’s pretty much discovered Megan and now he’s very quietly looking for her replacement,” the source spilled. “He hasn’t decided if he’s going to kill her off in the next movie, but he just wants to be prepared.”

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