Megan Fox Endorsement Deal

In an interview with the August issue of Details, Transformers star Shia LaBeouf let slip that he had a sexy off-screen affair with co-star Megan Fox when the pair were busy slaying robots on the set of the first two movies. The bombshell confession left fans with dropped jaws and prompted conspiracy theorists (including us here at PopCrunch) to question whether or not Megan had been doing the sideways samba with Shia during her relationship with former 90210er Brian Austin Green.

Well — that’s still anyone’s guess. But Meg’s “alleged” roll in the hay with LaBeouf just landed the out-of-work-sex symbol her most lucrative job offer in months: “Anti-cheating” spokeswoman!

From Jennifer’s Body to Jonah Hex and Passion Play, Fox has been stinking up the box office worse than a Madonna rom-com ever since her loose lips and bad attitude got her sacked from the Transformers trilogy. Let’s face it, Girlie could use a gig. That’s where the team at come in.

Cheaterville is a website that invites jilted lovers to blow the whistle on their wayward partners by uploading names, pictures, and stories about people who have cheated on them. Despite allegations that the now-married Megan may have been one of those pesky commitment-phobes once upon a time, the company’s offered the star a position endorsing their site. Word on the Curb has it that Cheaterville chiefs have present Megan with a formal offer, for an undisclosed amount of money, to record a PSA denouncing cheating and to promote the anti-cheating website at public appearances.

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