Meet Karla Kardashian, The Newest Reality Star Courtesy of Ellen DeGeneres

I know what you’re thinking: of course, the world definitely needs a new Kardashian sister! Well, never fear, because Ellen DeGeneres has you covered.

Karla Kardashian, the most embarrassing Kardashian sister who has been kept well hidden until now, visited the set of the Ellen Show to introduce herself and to announce that she’s the newest cast member of the long-running reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

Because she’s the “newest” sister, she admits that she’s often given hand-me-downs from her sisters, like her New Balance sneakers tucked into her stirrup tights. But the resemblance is uncanny: Karla is definitely related to the Kardashians with her ample chest and backside area, as well as her impeccable fashion sense. Not to mention her “double K” name, which matches her “double K” bra size.

Karla debuted the trailer for the newest season of KUWTK, and it looks like she’s going to add some spice to what is otherwise a tame and somewhat boring show. The newest addition is excellent timing, since the outrageous antics of Scott Disick will now be conspicuously absent.

To summarize, Karla Kardashian is a breath of fresh air and a welcome addition to America’s royal family. And we’re just left wondering, why did it take so long for her family to welcome her? She seems swell to us.

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