Meet Daniel Radcliffe’s Secret Girlfriend: Roseanne Corker

Daniel Radcliffe’s got a new girlfriend. Meet Roseanne Corker, a 22-year-old fellow Brit whose been quietly dating Radcliffe for almost a year! Only a few hobnobbers even knew about the Hogwarts alums secret romance until the young lovers were snapped holding hands in New York City last Thursday. Has he been keeping her under an invisibility cloak or something?

How’d they meet?! Well, apparently, Corker worked as a production assistant on the last four Harry Potter films and The Woman in Black. According to The Sun, Dan was under strict instructions from Potter producers to keep the romance with Roseanne under wraps until after the release of the final film – in order to keep his clean-cut, singleton image alive!

Now that they’ve been allowed to come out of the closet under the stairs (Pardon the Pun!), it seems Dan and Roseanne (Omg, just like on the TV show Roseanne!) are getting pretty serious.

“They’re crazy about each other. Dan wants to marry her,” a loose-lipped insider tells the tab.

Roseanne’s dad describes Dan as a “lovely” guy.

“I don’t want to say too much really as they would really prefer to keep things quiet,” Malcolm Corker told The Daily Mail. “But Rosanne has worked on the last three Harry Potter films, so she and Daniel have known each other quite a long time. But they have been going out for just over a year now. I have met Daniel and he is a lovely guy.”

Dad added: “I’m just really happy for Roseanne and as long as she is happy that is all that matters to me.”

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